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Project: Residential Building,
Project Type: residential buildings

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Residential Building,V-3387, qudrant. 30

INVESTOR:   Mariana Georgieva

LOCALITY: Strelcha

  Build up area: 95, 00 sq/m

CONTRACTOR: “IVIS – Project and Design “Ltd.

 PROJECT LEADER: Arch. Emil Lekov

The project is designed on the basis of the task assigned by the Investor.

The present project is a one-storey building with a basement. 

The approach to the building is from the servicing street on the East of – V - 338, quadrant 30.

The entrance to the house is directly from the street, where a foyer is formed with the staircase for the basement.

On the first floor are situated the entrance-hall, two bedrooms and sanitary premises. The living room and the kitchen box are organized as one area. 

The basement has wet premises, entrance-hall, and two storage rooms. The roof is four sloped with wooden supporting construction. It is covered with Marseille roof tiles on a wooden sheating. 

The floorings are according the function of the premises:
 The dwellings (bedrooms and living-rooms) are with plank-board flooring and laminated parquet;
 The sanitary premises, kitchen box, and the entrance-halls are with terracotta tiles;
 The staircase and the terraces are with inlaid work.
The walls on the inside are also in accordance with the function of the premises:
 The entrance-hall, the staircase, the living-room, the bedrooms – they are plastered with lime and cement, pattying, and painted with latex;
 The wet premises, the sanitary premises and the kitchen box above the level of the appliances up to 1,80 m – faience tiles.
 For the storage rooms – they are white washed.
From the outside the building will be plastered and coloured with white smooth sprinkled plaster and light ochre, and below the wall of the terrace will be lined with stone.

The joinery is from PVC profiles. The doors are according BDS – also with PVC. 

In compliance with the architectural part are produced and coordinated the projects for parts electrical, water and sewage systems, heating and ventilation, and the constructional project. 

The parameters of the house are as follows: 

 The built area of the house is 95,00 square meters;
The spread out built area is 95,00 square meters;

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