The company IVIS – Project and Design Ltd. more than 18 years actively participates on the design market. Its major sphere of activities is design of industrial, residential and public buildings, making plans of existing buildings and facilities with the aim of legalizing them in part Architecture, Construction, Geodesy, Water and Sewage Systems, Electrical, HVAC, Vertical Planning and Health and Safety Plans. We have extensive experience in the production of designs in the sphere of winter ski sports facilities and tourism.

One of our most strong abilities is the landscape architecture.  Our landscape architects create live pictures, combining elements of art – colours, lines, forms, scale, having complex knowledge for their live pastels.   They compose the functions, the volume, the forms and the proportions of the elements …

To our clients we offer:

  • Consultations on issues of architectural and landscape design; 
  • Architectural, landscape and phyto design; 
  • Design gardening of public terrains, commercial sites, private yards, plots, villas, internal and external design with vegetation, roof gardens, etc.;
  • Elaboration of details for park and garden elements – decorative pavement, fences, fountains, pergolas, small bridges, rock gardens, decorative water areas, etc.;
  • Complex study, design, architectural and landscape layouts of parks, gardens, commercial sites, hotels, restaurants, residential quarters, etc.;
  • Computer illustration of your design in 3D;
  • Technical control in the design of all parts;
  • Preparation of cadastral plans and connecting them to the coordinate system in force;
  • Specification and drawing of the plan for the necessary areas around the buildings according to the normative acts.

Behind us we have many completed projects, part of which are the following:

  • Cabin lift Bansko – Bunderishka Poljana area;
  • Ski lift Bunderishka Poljana area – peak Todorka;
  • Ski lift Ikrishte area – Plato area;
  • Ski lift Avtogara area – Studenets area – mountain resort Pamporovo;
  • Vacation village area Ovinache, on the territory of the town of Bansko;
  • Business Club in the town of Panagurishte;
  • Business Centre – Programme JOBS – in the town of Panagurishte;
  • Reconstruction of the bus station in the mountain resort Pamporovo;
  • Hotels and residential buildings in Sofia and the area Panagurski Koloni;
  • Dressmaking, meat and milk processing enterprises;
  • Wine cellars fake watches uk ;
  • Petrol stations and car repair stations in the towns of Panagurishte, Montana and Strelcha and the villages of Popintsi, Levski, etc.; 
  • Hotels, residential and industrial buildings, etc.;
  • Recreation park, sports facilities and amusement park Kazarmite in the town of Sevlievo;  
  • Garden designing of many private and public properties.

In its activity the company IVIS – Project and Design Ltd. has successfully worked in partnership with and inviting experts for its projects from the National Centre for Territorial Development and Housing Policy, Agrolesproject, Administration of Geodesy and Cartography, and other private, state and international consulting bureaus and companies. The qualification and the professional experience of the specialists with whom the company works guarantee the quality and the timely execution and delivery of all contracted works, designs and contracts.

You can entrust us with your dreams and we will create for you the ideal surroundings for living, entertainment, work and recreation.

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