High technical porcelain with an accurate design
Land Porcelanico is a company member of the group APARICI that manufactures and commercializes high technical porcelain with an accurate design. Reference trade mark for architects, designers and interior designers. Bases
- Technical innovation.- we have the most advanced production system in the world.
- Latest Design.- we are always looking for the latest design that can satisfy the necessities of architects, designers and interior designers.
- Quality.- our porcelain has the highest technical standards.
- Service.- immediate because all our product are permanently stock.
- Ecological Balance.- we seek to produce all our products from alternative sources using raw materials, that help to conserve natural resources. For materials that don´t have an ecologic substitute, we have a special piping for liquid residues which are submitted to a cleaning process and recycled during production process.
Our philosophy is to work continuously in support of our clients. All our products in our catalogue are permanently stock (except the ones in novelties). This allows us to supply to our clients immediately

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