Consulting and Insurance


The company IVIS – Project and Design Ltd. provides the following specialized consultations and services: 

  • Consultations for the selection of an appropriate for the goals of the Client property; 
  • Preliminary studies of the underground and on the ground communications to the property;
  • Preliminary analysis for the possibilities for construction according to the assignment of the Client;
  • Legal assistance for the purchase of the property;
  • Assistance for the change of the statute of the land; 
  • Preparation of a Partial Modification of the Construction and Regulatory Plan and taking the proceedings before the state and/or the municipality management bodies; 
  • Settlement of accounts for regulation and receiving Instruments of title; 
  • Receiving visa for design;
  • Consultations for the preparation of an assignment for design;
  • Consultations for selection of technical solutions;
  • Consultations during negotiations for signing Contracts for Design;
  • Consultations with experts for the project iwc replica;
  • Preparation of the correspondence with state and/or the municipality management bodies in relation to the legalizing of the project;
  • Preparation of Bills of Quantity;
  • Elaboration of legal analysis and business plans related to receiving credits for the purchase of property or other intentions for investment;  

Save time, money and energy. We will undertake the execution of all procedures in order your property to be in compliance with the legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria. 

Also Ivis - Design and Design "Ltd. offers all kinds of insurance.
For more information, inquiries and orders, please come to our office or contact us.

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