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We from IVIS – Project and Design Ltd.  offer a full range of consultations, intermediary and legal services for the purchase and sale of real estates:

  • Intermediary services for the purchase of real estates;   
  • Intermediary services for the sale of real estates;   
  • Full support and organization for receiving bank credits for the purchase of real estates; 
  • Full package of services for the management of real estates; 
  • Preliminary design and design consultations for construction and investment projects for residential and business areas; 
  • Investment consultations; 
  • Legal consultations in relation to different transactions; 
  • Preparation of the necessary notary acts and documents for certifying transaction with real estates;   
  • Confidential agency of foreign clients before state and municipal bodies and institutions for issues related to the acquisition of real estates in Bulgaria; 
  • Organization of the visit to Bulgaria for foreign Clients in relation to realization of transactions with real estates; 
  • Consultations and execution of internal reconstruction,audemars piguet replica design, and furnishing of the purchased real estates; 
  • Preparation of a market evaluation of the houses and commercial sites; 
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney; 
  • Professional consultations of all kinds and nature.

Our main task is to answer your requests, expectations and requirements.

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