Project: Sports Complex "Simeonovo" Sofia
Project Type: commercial buildings

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Introducing our new project:

Sports Complex "Simeonovo" Sofia:

With a total area of 5555 square meters are positioned:
* Changing rooms and reception area 243.00 m2
* A semi-Olympic size pool - 312.50 m2
* Swimming pool with water slide and children's pool with a total area of 91.90 square meters
* Coffee - 103 square meters of bar
* Combined sports field - 681 m2

The area has a large displacement and the individual subs are few terraces modeled terrain. The whole complex is surrounded by a solid fence to 90 cm and 220 cm with an openwork wooden fence.
The materials used for construction of various sub in combination stone plinth with wooden ornaments, facade plaster and tiles for roof covering.

Because of its scale project has developed several subprojects.
- Room and reception - in the building were developed sanitary - household premises for men and women separately. There is a reception with office staff who will maintain the entire complex. In close proximity is the pool.
- Semi-Olympic swimming pool with dimensions of 12.5 cm and 25 cm deep and 1.8 m with 60 seats. The pool has a cafe - bar.
- Coffee - bar with 80 seats ready to prepare sandwiches, salads and snacks. In the coffee will be offered soft drinks, coffee and others. It includes separate sanitary facilities provided separately for men and women.
East of coffee - bar is a porter. Provided with a place to tag heuer replica relax with a desk and seating.
- The pool for water slide is 1.50 m depth to it; we have children's pool with a depth of 60 cm
Near the east is a playground.
- Combined sports mini football, basketball and volleyball for 100 seats. The course is surrounded by a wire height of 5 meters.
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