The entrepreneurial principle that has guided our growth has always been that of investing in the most advanced textile technology, and putting it at the service of creativity and of the extensive working expertise widespread in a geographical area historically famous for textile excellence. All the products created by Radici Industries over the course of over half a century of work and exported to the principal countries of the world, are authentically representative of the most genuine 'made in Italy' and have accompanied, and at times stimulated, the evolution of the lifestyles of whole generations. The textile floor covering we have designed for houses, hotels, offices, and for all types of transport such as automobiles, ships, trains, planes as well as for sport surfaces and landscaping uses, have contributed considerably to the improving of the quality of life of millions of people in terms of comfort, safety, health and hygiene protection. The knowledge of being on a global market, with neither productive nor commercial protection, drives Radici Industries to dedicate its utmost care to human resources: each stage of the lengthy process, right from the raw materials up to the after sales care, is handled by professionals who have extensive experience and ability, experience very often gained in the company itself. Special attention is paid to creativity, the driving force on an international level of the values deeply rooted in the 'made in Italy' style.

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