Marbles, granites, onyxes and stones
Since 1959 Bigelli Marmi has been dealing with the working of marbles, granites, onyxes and stones. The projects and the works fulfilled during the years by the Company in Italy and abroad, in the field of public and residential building, religious and funeral building, ship fittings, design and furnishing, have been representing the evidence of the best handicraft skill of the Made in Italy. The works executed testify the Mr. Dino and Luigi Bigelli's ability to meet the most exacting customers' requirements, thanks to the technical team and to the modern technologies, that allow to offer top quality products and service. The Company has a showroom of 1000 sqm where the customers can choose the materials according to the their requirements, taking inspiration from the recreated environments. The company is specialized in the fulfilment of the entire production process, following the client during the phase of planning and quotation, executing also, if requested, the survey on site. Moreover, it can guarantee the installation with its own workers in Italy and abroad. Bigelli Marmi produces marble manufactures, which are often very complex, for Italian or foreign companies, however It produces also its own objects and it is active on the international markets, which are more receptive thanks to the globalization. The company in the last years has developed an increasing attention to the evolution of the markets, of the life styles and uses, but it has firmly maintained its core business even developing other production lines. It is a company deeply established in its territory participating with it to the social and economic evolution starting from the 1950 till today.

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