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Description: The present interior design of apartment in Sofia is fully adapted to the specific requirements of the investor and the existing architectural design. Designers used bright colors combined with natural materials - stone and wood. Achieved is a union of the main day room, combining the kitchen, dining and living room in one. Dark flooring in the living room contrasts with furniture and custom lighting, giving comfort and warmth in the room. Light colors in both bedrooms give both space and privacy. The bathroom contrasting white color of the pavement and the dark color of the wood used. Last but not least is the connection with nature, which is present entirely in the decision on the terraces.
The overall concept in the preparation of the project is to achieve harmony and unity, and through a variety of moementi contrasting colors. Also, the height of the door is pulled up to the height of the ceiling in order to increase the visual space. Achieve a balance between all the elements in the space, which creates a sense of completeness in the composition solution. The result is unity, realized through a combination of natural materials and furniture and lighting gives necessary to complete the apartments.
For the main room in the apartment are selected warm and neutral colors combined with natural materials. Walls are used latex and decorative brick lining and the flooring is granite tiles imitation wood. The living room has a large "U" shaped bright sofa with lots of pillows in the same color. Selected low wooden table, which is in contrast with other furniture coupled with large chandelier, contributing to the feeling of spaciousness. The living room is separate and a reading area with brick fireplace front. The dining room consists of a wooden table combined with baroque chairs. The kitchen is the perfect addition to the room and is fully consistent with baroque modules clean and modern elements.
In the large bedroom is again preferred neutral colors. The walls are a combination of latex and wallpapers. Selected curtains are two parts, one is the air, while the other has a low light transmission. The lighting is gentle, elegant and discreet. Elected dark natural wood parquet floor, combined with light blankets, fully consistent with the color scheme of the room.
In the dressing room is combined modern and practical design. There is wardrobe for clothes, shelves for shoes with clean design and make-up area. Taking into account the function of the room, in order to visually enlarge the space provided large mirrors. The walls and floor are white and the selected materials are respectively latex and soft edrokosmest carpet.
In the guest bedroom is simply offers for spending the spatial design, which combines comfort and practicality. Selected bright wallpaper in combination with darker plaster walls and dark parquet floor. The furniture is decided with MDF in white - gloss. There is white wardrobe with sliding doors with large mirrors.
In the entrance hall to the bedrooms, upon request of the investor, the walls are covered with white latex. The floor is wood for the corridor.
For the laundry room is selected white latex, the floor again for the hallway to the bedrooms and porch. The devices are built in such cabinets are provided along the entire length of the wall.
The bathroom light and warmth are the basis for building concept for the interior appearance of the room, also complies with the request of Investors for bright colors. Selected are white glazed tiles embossed with a horizontal grid of white walls and natural granite stone floor. In addition, natural wood, submit the necessary color, contrast in the room.
Toilet is down the same floor as it is in the hallway and living room. Natural and naturally is the exact definition of this room.
The feeling of relaxation in nature, its purity and simplicity are key in selecting materials for the four terraces. Harmonious and seemed naive orderliness of river pebbles, in combination with wood, grass, water and flowers give the pleasant feeling and aesthetic finish of the interior of the apartment offer.
Following the requirements and preferences of the investor, , materials, colors, etc., We have achieved homogeneity in the overall layout of the apartment. Each room itself has an individual and distinct elements, but united to all contribute to the friendly, charming and full of emotion environment.
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