Project: PRODUCTION&WAREHOUSE FACILITY (former rose-distillery)
Project Type: real estate

Description: Location:
The land of the town of Banya, Karlovo municipality, close to the Styama river;
Area of 6 720 sq.m, level;
1. Massive reinforced concrete building dimensioned 38 m length, 16m and 8 m height. With water pool on the roof, 180 m3 capacity;
2. Fuel storage in a building dimensioned 10x12x4m – 120 sq.m;
3. Vehicle garage 10x50x6 m – 500 sq.m;
4. Boiler-room (no equipment) 8x30x6 m – 240 sq.m;
5. Massive brick building 8x15x5 m – 120 sq.m. with integrated power substation 50 kv;
Road: access to the real estate and connection with first- road network Karlovo-Plovdiv via road with macadam covering of about 1 200 m;
Water: supply from private water source – 2 test pits – 16m. deep 2 pumps with pipe network of galvanized pipes 1 ¼ “;
Sewerage: existing, with diameter of ø 200 and total length 300m. No treatment facility; discharging to the Stryama river;
Power supply: private power substation 50 kva;
Fence: existing massive brick 2,00 m high.
When the real estate was constructed, its function was rose distillery. The equipment is dismantled from the building where the rose distillery was.
Nevertheless, the buildings are in a relatively good condition and they can be used for various needs.
Price: euro 120 000
The implementation of the project can be financed with the European Structural Funds.
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