Project Type: real estate

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Description: Location:
The road Sofia-Bourgas to the west gefore the village of Rozino, municipality of Karlovo.
Area of 6051 sq.m, surveyed, medium inclination to the south.

1. Production facility, reinforced concrete structure with an area of 170 sq.m, 4.00 m high (dairy);
2. Reinforced concrete building with an area of 190 sq.m (staff building);
3. Reinforced concrete building of 2 floors with 120 sq.m. Built-up area (administrative building with reception hall);
4. Massive brick building with an area of 60 sq.m for boiler room and fuel storage.

1. Mast transformer substation 400 kv private;
2. Water supply 1 ¼ supplied from independent water source;
3. Waste water treatment station – construction completed with no equipment;
4. Waste water sewerage ø200;
5. Road to the real estate about 1 000 m asphalt covering partially with crushed stone connected to the main road Sofia-Bourgas;
6. Fence monolithic brick for the whole real estate, 2.50 m high;
7. Checkpoint building.

The intention of the owner for the function of the buildings during the construction works was to use the latter as a facility for the processing of raw milk for cheese, since in the immediate vicinity an industrial facility for breeding of animals is also being sold. Nevertheless, this does not obstruct the facility from having another function by the decision of the new owners, considering its excellent location, the existing infrastructure and almost new buildings. A town planning procedure has been performed to change the function of the site into a “servicing facility gas station, hotel-motel, discotheque, motor-car repair and service station”.
Price: can be negotiated

The implementation of the project can be financed with the European Structural Funds.
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