Project Type: real estate

Description: Dolno Yabalkovo Village is located on the southwest slopes of Strandzha Mountain at an altitude of 750 meters. It has a moderate Mediterranean climate, calm atmosphere, picturesque views, and boasts up to 260 days of sunshine a year. It is also in close proximity to the renowned Bulgarian Southern Seaside.

Implementation options:

Option 1:

Resort of eco-village communities – with the preparation of Detailed Development Plans (DDP). The 54,000 sq.m. site is sub-divided into six smaller sites (under 10,000 sq.m.) in order to receive permission to build according to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Bulgaria. The density of construction, intensity, height of the structures, and the landscaping areas will be determined by the project permissions which will be issued by the Sredets Municipality. SPA centers, swimming pools, and underground and ground-level parking garages will be built according to the requirements for the development of resort eco-village communities with ranking category of two to five stars.

Option 2:

Golf course – the terrain allows the construction of a mini golf course with nine holes, in compliance with all requirements of the respective standards.

4,000 sq.m. of the “Golf Course” complex can receive construction permission with the subsequent construction of single-family houses in traditional national s – Bulgarian, English, Russian, Japanese, German, etc. SPA center, restaurant, and underground and ground-level parking garages can be built according to the requirements for the development of this type of resorts with the respective category.

The complex is adjacent to a land site of over 3,000,000 sq.m. from the “State Fund”, from which additional territory can be added to the “Golf Course” complex after an application procedure, which will allow the construction of a full-size golf course in compliance with all requirements.

Option 3:

Solar photo-voltaic electric plant. Measurements of the sunlight intensity, fogs, and rains have been made which confirm that the terrain and the location comply with the requirements of solar electricity production.

A 20-kilovolt electric power line is situated in close proximity to the site. It can be used to sell and deliver the produced electricity to the electric power grid.

The route for exporting electric energy to Turkey and the Middle East passes through Sredets – Dolno Yabalkovo – Gorno Yabalkovo – Turkey.

The implementation of the three options can be financed with the European Structural Funds.


1.Land without construction permission:
54,000 sq.m. 1.5 EUR = 81,000 EUR

2.Land with construction permission and all fees:
54,000 sq.m. 6.80 EUR = 367,200 EUR

Note: According to client’s needs, we can implement option one, two, or three.

The implementation of the project can be financed with the European Structural Funds.
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