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Build up area: 118,40 sq/mSofia is the capital and largest city in Bulgaria. It is located in the western part of country at the foot of the
Vitosha Mountain, and is the administrative, cultural, and industrial centre of the country. Sofia took its
present name in the 14th century from the St Sofia Church, whose name means 'wisdom' in Greek. On 3rd
April 1879 the town became the capital city.
The city has around 1,096,389 inhabitants and is located 550 metres above sea level on the Sofia Plain, almost
entirely enclosed by mountains. Sofia is located 324 km from Rousse in the north east of the country, 392 km
from Bourgas in the south east, 211 km from Vidin in the North West and 470 km from Varna, Bulgaria's selfnamed
Black Sea capital. Sofia is linked by international routes with all the major capitals in Europe, and, via
Istanbul and Ankara, with the Middle East. The city is linked by good quality highways and secondary roads to
the Plovdiv, the second city, and the mountain resorts; two major road routes link the capital to Varna on the
north Black Sea coast and Bourgas in the south.
The centre of Sofia fits neatly and compactly into the irregular octagon formed by the city's ring road; all the
major sights and attractions are located in this central area, within easy travelling distance from one another.
Sofia is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with many attractions and facilities; located in and around the centre
are many restaurants featuring a variety of international cuisine to suit all tastes; bars coffee-houses and night
clubs featuring a wide range of musical s; museums, galleries, churches and other cultural institutions;
shopping facilities on the world famous Vitosha Street, which features outlets from many well-known Western
chain stores, the TSUM shopping centre and quality Bulgarian goods on Pirotska Street. Schools, medical
facilities, supermarkets and other services necessary for day to day living are plentiful. The public transport
system is extensive; regular trams, trolleybuses and buses cover almost every part of the city; small minibuses
cover many of the main routes and destinations and are a useful and cheap way of getting around at night; the
Metro is expanding to cover more destinations in the city, and, of course you may flag down taxis on the street.
PRESTIGE Business Center
Prestige Business Property is a development of office buildings located in the
capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. It has five luxurious sections and it is located at the foot of
the Vitosha mountain, only 10 minutes` drive from the center of Sofia and very
close to the latest Trade Center which is being built at the moment.

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