Project: Restaurant “Chalin Valog”
Project Type: commercial buildings

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Description: SITE: Restaurant “Chalin Valog”
TECHNICAL FEATURES: Build up area 1251.00 sq/m
CONTRACTOR: IVIS – Project and Design Ltd.
PROJECT LEADER: Arch. Emil Lekov

1.General notes

The project is developed on the grounds of:

1. Assignment for design from the Investor “ULEN” JSC – town of Bansko.

2. Sketch with visa issued by the Chief Architect.

The building is located in the town of Bansko area Chalin Valog and is located according the situation plan in the sketch.

2. Functional and Planning decision

In the building plot are located: building with garages at the underground level, changing rooms for the personnel, boiler premises and storage premises.

The main entrance of the building is on the side of the lift and leads the visitors into a porch orientated towards the catering establishment.

The volume of the building is decided in two aboveground levels:

In the underground level at elevation – 4.50 are located: the parking, storage premises, boiler premises, premises for waste storage, refrigerators chambers, changing room for the personnel.

At elevation ± 0.00 are located the catering establishment, area for selecting the food, office for the Manager, sanitary premises, hot kitchen with preparation area, storage for hot beverages, washing premises - hall for eating, washing premises – kitchen, terrace.

At elevation + 3.90 are situated the resting rooms for the personnel and the team of people processing the ski tracks.

The roof is envisaged to be executed with a wooden structure, which has heat insulation, hydro insulation, and roof-tiles.

3. Structure

The building is envisaged to be executed in reinforced concrete structure, with bearing re-inforced concrete beams, columns, and slabs. The external and internal walls are executed from single bricks 25 cm and 12 cm.

4. Finishing works and materials

The choice of the materials, used in the project, is in compliance with its function as a whole and with the functions of each of the premises.

External walls:
• Heat insulation – 5 cm;
• Ground coat with polyester net;
• Mineral plaster;
• First floor – stone tiling;
• Wood.

Internal walls:
• Latex;
• Wooden lining;
• Faience in the bathrooms and in the WC.

• Latex;
• Wooden lining;

• Laminated parquet;
• Stone slabs;
• Terracotta tiles in the bathrooms, in the WC and in the corridors.

The joinery is envisaged to be executed in PVC or aluminum, depending on the choice of the Investor.

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