commercial buildings

Project: Reconstruction of an existing Hotel
Project Type: commercial buildings


SITE: Reconstruction of an existing Hotel


Panagurki kolonii


Build up area: 460,00 sq/m


Project and Design Ltd.PROJECT LEADER: Arch. Emil Lekov


1.General notes The project is prepared on the grounds of an orally assigned task by the Investor.


A picture is taken of the tourist dormitory with the aim of reconstruction /modernization/ for future construction. The building is located in the area of MANZULO, Panagurski Koloni. It is a two-storey building with basement at elevation – 2,00, where the warehouse and the cellar are located. The main entrance to the building is facing south, and basement has two entrances facing north. At elevation ±0.00 are situated the following premises: canteen with 48 sitting places, kitchen, washing room, service room, premises for storing waste, and warehouse. On the same level the office and a room for the manager are located. On the north side exists another entrance, which is connected with the terrain at elevation -1,10 through a staircase.

At elevation + 3.40 are situated two bedrooms, the entrance of which is from the east side of the building and the vertical connection with the main floor is done trough an external two-arm staircase. The slab at this elevation is trimmer joist type with mineral wadding. For the formation of the separate premises are used the following construction materials: Elevation – 2,00: • Cellar and a storage premises - floor – cement coating; walls and ceiling – calcimine paint.

Elevation ± 0,00: • Canteen: floor – terracotta tiles; walls – latex; ceiling – wooden and suspended. • Kitchen: floor – terracotta tiles; walls – latex. • Office and room for Manager: floor – granitogres; walls – latex; ceiling – wooden and suspended. • Service room: floor – terracotta tiles; walls – faience tiles; ceiling – wooden and suspended.

• Premises for storage of waste, Washing room and WC: : floor – terracotta tiles; walls – faience tiles; ceiling – latex. Elevation + 3,40: • Bedrooms: floor – plank-wood flooring; walls – latex; ceiling – visible roof structure. From the outside the building is with white-sprayed plaster. The plinth of the building and around the terrace is faced with stone and a frontal plank is used as an ornament at elevation + 3,40. The roof structure is wooden on two levels and one of the levels is two-sloped (with wall 2,15 m and garret windows), and the other is three-sloped. The pitch is 21°.


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