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Project: Reconstruction of part of an existing building into a hotel, Panagurishte
Project Type: commercial buildings

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Description: SITE: Reconstruction of part of an existing building into a hotel, Panagurishte
Zoned land V-2599, quadrant 113

INVESTOR: "Victoria 2005" Ltd.

1. General notes

The sub-site is designed on the basis of a task assigned by the Investor. The latter is located in the central part of the town of Panagurishte. The building is registered in the cadastral map as restaurant "Oborishte" with a wall if 105 cm and slope wooden roof and blind wall with cinema "Videlina". The reconstructed restaurant "Victoria" occupies the whole first floor and 2/3 of the second floor. The subject of the present project is the remaining part of the building, namely: 1/3 of the second floor and the third floor.

2. Planning

The design of the hotel part is based on the cadastral map and the detailed architectural snapshot. With the reconstruction of the hotel part the designer has taken care to save the existing walls. The staircase making the vertical connection between the floors is retained. The entrance for the hotel is from the side street in the frame of the staircase cage at elevation 0,00. At elevation + 0,30 /the elevation of the restaurant/ sideways of the entrance is organized the reception. A few new stairs take us to elevation + 1,30, where out of the space of the existing building is assembled a lift for passengers. To the side of the lift breadthways of the building an extension will be built, which will be used as storage area on every floor. The elevation + 1,30 up the staircase will be retained.

At elevation + 4,40 there are common sanitary premises, wardrobe, 2 double bedrooms and two room suite. At this elevation is organized the connection between the hotel and the restaurant.

At elevation + 7,50 are developed 4 double rooms, 3 two room suites, the chambermaid’s office and the storage room.

The slab at elevation + 10,60 at the moment is the roof. It is envisaged the wooden roof to be dismantled and a new one to be built, covered with bardoline. The construction of the walls of the façade will be done with aeroconcrete, the partition walls, which are made of 12 cm dense bricks, will be changed with walls using the "KNAUF" system. In the under roof area will be built 1 three room suite, 1 two room suite, 5 double rooms and two storage rooms. At this level there are 3 turned reverse beams passing through the whole of the building with height 30 cm. Because of this the corridor will be raised with filling to elevation + 10,90. At this level are also the lobbies and the bathrooms to the rooms on both sides of the corridor, in the rooms there are two descending steps 15 cm high. The windows here are type "cigarette case" following the inclination of the roof.

3. Construction

The existing building has a solid construction. Part of the wall upwards will be executed as a wooden construction. The drainage of the water is external with half pipes and drainpipes; the roof will be covered with bardoline over the wooden boarding.

4. Materials

The choice of the materials used in the building is conformable to its purpose as a whole and the function of each of the premises.

Ceramics – entrance foyer, reception, lobby bar, staircase cage, all entrances to the hotel rooms, chambermaid’s office, storage rooms, bathrooms and toilets.

Carpets – all hotel rooms and corridors.

Walls and ceilings:
On the old walls the compromised plaster will be removed to solid base. The new walls and ceilings will be plastered with lime and cement plaster. All walls ceilings /with the exception of the walls of the bathrooms and storage rooms/ will be with gypsum patting.

In the bathrooms and toilets faience tiles will be used.
The walls in the hotel rooms will be painted with latex.
All ceilings and walls in the rest of the premises will be painted with latex.

Design of the facing of the building

The used materials for the façade will be the same as those used for the neighboring buildings, in this way aiming not to disturb the common pattern of the town square. Smooth fine sprayed plaster in the colour range of yellow brown and joining plaster on the extension will be applied. Above the existing hood on the second floor is envisaged the production of railing from forged iron, behind which will be placed flowerpots. Above the hood of the first floor a polycarbonate tent will be mounted.

5. Window and door profiles

Windows – aluminum frames in colour and with glass package.
Doors – entry doors from aluminum in colour and with glass package and wooden inside doors.

The building is supplied with electricity, water and heating in compliance with the respective projects.
The project is conformable to the requirements for fire safety and safe usage of the site.

6. Technical indicators:

Built area
Elevation ± 0,00 - 45,00 square meters
Elevation + 4,40 - 130,00 square meters
Elevation + 7,50 - 291,00 square meters
Elevation + 10,60 - 259,00 square meters

Spread out built area
- 725,00 square meters

7. Recapitulation

Elevation + 4.40

- Hotel room 2 beds - 2
- Two room suite - 1
Elevation + 7.50
- Hotel room 2 beds - 3
- Two room suite - 4
- Chambermaid’s office - 1
- Storage room - 1
Elevation + 10.60
- Hotel room 2 beds - 5
- Hotel room 1 bed - 1
- Three room suite - 1
- Two room suite - 2
- Chambermaid’s office - 1
- Storage room - 2

Total number of beds - 40
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