commercial buildings

Project: Hotel Complex, Panagurishte
Project Type: commercial buildings


SITE: Hotel Complex


LOCALITY: Panagurishte

TECHNICAL FEATURES: Build up area: 1120,00 sq/m

CONTRACTOR: IVIS – Project and Design Ltd.

PROJECT LEADER: Arch. Emil Lekov

1. General notes


The project is designed on the grounds of an assignment given by the Investor and a quotation from the housing development plan in force for quadrant 114 and its amendments in compliance with Article 134, paragraph 2, item 8 from the Territorial Structure Act.

2. Planning

The site is a newly designed building with angular regulated land property located in the central part of the town of Panagurishte .

The underground part of the building is designed on two levels: elevation 2,50, where an underground garage for 5 vehicles is situated, which is 20 % of the number of rooms according the Ordinance for categorization of tourist sites 3* and elevation – 3,90, where an entertaining establishment is organized – night club with the necessary sanitary facilities for the personnel and guests, storage facilities and installation premises.

At elevation 0,00 is organized the entrance of the hotel, the reception, the offices for the personnel, the vertical communication of staircase and lift, and the day bar with an attached garden to it, with a wall fence 2,20 m high around it. At this level is envisaged the construction of a shop for industrial goods with storage facilities.

The next two levels at elevation + 4,10 and + 6,90 are the main hotel floors. On each floor there are two single rooms, one of which is luxurious, five double rooms, one suite and the chambermaid’s office.

At elevation + 9,70 is the first mansard floor. On this floor we have one single room, four double rooms, two suites and the chambermaid’s office.

The second mansard floor is at elevation +12,50. At this level we have two double rooms. To the floor foyer is organized a meeting room/piano bar and a buffet.

3. Construction

The newly designed building is a monolith reinforced concrete construction. The roof is a reinforced concrete slab tiled with roof-tiles BRAMAKS at the steeping part of the roof and coloured galvanized sheet iron at the sloping part of the roof.

4. Materials

The choice of the materials on the site is consistent with its purpose as a whole and the functions of each of the premises.


Concrete flooring – underground garage.

Ceramic tiles – the entrance foyer, the reception area, the nightclub, day bar and garden, the shop, the staircase, the buffet on the last floor.

Terracotta – all bathrooms, toilets and storage facilities.

Carpet – all hotel rooms and the corridors.

Walls and ceiling:

In the bathrooms and toilets they will be tiled with faience tiles.

All ceilings and walls in the remaining premises will be painted with latex.

For the terrace will be used stone facing. Design of the facing of the building The used materials on the façade are consistent with the location of the building, its function and the desire to achieve an aesthetically beautiful effect for the best integration of the building in the surrounding town environment. The accent of the building is its corner, emphasized with a glass suspended façade and the dome on the roof. Used is stone facing and mineral plaster in two colours, as shown in the project. 5. Window and door profiles Windows – aluminum frames in colour and with glass package.

Door – aluminum entrance doors in colour, with glass package. – the inside doors are wooden. The building is supplied with electricity, water and heat according to the respective projects. The project is in compliance with the requirements for fire safety and safe usage of the site. 6. Technical indicators:

Built area Elevation - 2,50 and – 3,90 - 310,00 square meters Elevation 0,00 - 208,00 square meters Elevation + 4,10 - 260,00 square meters Elevation + 6,90 - 260,00 square meters Elevation + 9,70- 260,00 square meters Elevation +12,50 - 132,00 square meters

Spread out built area 1

120,00 square meters 7. Recapitulation Single rooms - 3 Single rooms “Luxury” - 2 Double rooms - 14 Double rooms “Luxury” - 2 Suites - 4 Total number of beds - 53

Number of parking spaces - 5

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