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The Rila Cross

The unique Rila Cross is a wooden cross with 140 microscopic scenes from the Bible,  featuring more than 1,500 figures, the largest of them no bigger than a grain or race. It was carved by the monk Raphail, with a pin, on a piece of linden wood, for 12 years until he became blind.


Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, the bacterium that is responsible for giving Bulgarian yoghourt is unique flavour and consistency, can only be found in Bulgarian air.

The Bulgarian sour milk (kiselo mliako) is an original national product. Outside Bulgaria it is known by the name of “yoghourt”. It is supposed that the Bulgarian sour milk was connected with sheep-breeding, which can be traced back to Thracian times. Shepherds made a great variety of products using the large output of milk. It is believed that the best masters of yoghourt came from the Razgrad district. Yoghourt is obtained from full-cream milk after lacto-acidic fermentation at a temperature of 40-45 degrees C. Depending on the type of milk used, the sour milk may be sheep, cow, buffalo, or mixed yoghourt.

Rose oil

The famous Bulgarian rose oil, produced in the region of Kazanlak, is a component of French and of world-famous perfumes.

Hristo Stoichkov

The famous football player Hristo Stoichkov was born in Bulgaria. He was the man who led Barca to their first European Champions’Cup! He was the one that took Bulgarian National football team all the way to the semi-final for the 1994 FIFA World Cup! Stoichkov is the first Bulgarian who has won the Golden Ball of best European football player!

Vania Balkanska

The “Voyager” spacecraft launched in the 1970s on a voyage to meet and communicate with other planets, carried a laser disk of ten songs believed to be representative of   “Earth”. One of this songs was the Bulgarian tune “Izlel e Deliu haidutin” from the Rhodope region.

John Vincent Atanassoff

The inventor of the first electronic computer  John Vincent Atanassoff is of Bulgarian origin. Professor John Atanassoff, together with graduate student Clifford Berry, built the world’s first electronical, digital, computer, at lowa State University, between 1939 and 1942. The Atanassoff-Berry Computer, represented several innovations in computing, including a binary system of arithmetic, parallel processing, regenerative memory, and a separation of memory and computing functions.

Christo (Javacheff)

Christo (Javacheff) was born in 1935 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Between 1953 and 1956 he studied paining, sculpture and stage design at  the Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia. In 1956 he lived briefly in Prague, Czechoslovakia. In 1957 he studied sculpture for one term under Fritz Wotruba at the academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. In 1958 he settled in Paris. He became temporarily associated with the Nouveau Royalistes. In 1958 he began to package objects. His well-known large scale projects were Valley Curtain, Rifle, Colorado in 1972 and Running Fence, California, in 1976.

Bulgarian honey – magic of nature

A “divine elixir”, a “magic of nature” are words often used when talking of honey, yet they are never sufficient to convey the significance of all the advantages this kind of wonder-food contains. In the Ancient East people used honey not only for its nutritional qualities, but also as a universal remedy.

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