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Project: "Retail, bar, restaurant and pool" - Bansko
Project Type: commercial buildings

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Description: Technical indicators:
Size: 778.00 m2
Built-up area / VP at elevation -3.20 / 204.10 m2
Built-up Area / Area of ​​elevation 0.00 / 235.70 m2
Total floor area / area / 235.70 m2
Adult pool area: 95.25 m2
Children's pool area: 34.15 m2

The building is for public use - bar, restaurant and two swimming pools - for adults and children to be used only in the summer. The main entrance is located on the north side of the building. The building is designed to a basic level of elevation 0.00, and one basement floor elevation -3.20. In the summer window displays fold the modules to the columns, leaving space for the deployment of sunbeds oriented pools. In the adult pool lounges are located in out west. To the east of the two pools is placed a veil that evening and winter season unfolds and covers large pool. As a children's pool and children's slide. West on board the sheet placed 5 pcs. fountains The restaurant will offer pizza and barbecue located at elevation 0.00, and Italian dishes prepared on the spot in a kitchen located at elevation -3.20.

Natural lighting is provided by windows on the facade of the south basin. The materials used for the facade: facade paint in combination with hanging wooden facade of type 1 and type 2, PVC double glazed windows with low-emissivity glass and K roof panel penopoleuretan cover the roof. There are solar panels that will be used to heat water in both the restaurant and bar and a swimming pool.

The interior is modern, fully committed to recent trends. Radiates coziness that predisposes visitors enjoyment.

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