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Many first-time visitors to Bansko, the town tucked into the foothills of Pirin Mountain, say they instantly fall in love with this place. Indeed, this town begs to be visited again and again. It has combined to perfection the charm of its natural beauty with its unique cultural heritage.

Located 170 km south of Sofia, Bansko is a 2.5-hour drive from an international airport. However, once one gets there, the town feels like a surreal place from a beautiful fairytale. The region of Bansko is an ethnographical, archeological, and architectural preserve. Beautiful churches and houses, each representing a unique masterpiece with their woodcarving and mural paintings; nearby archeological sites – ancient fortresses, Thracian tombs, and a Greek necropolis – all add to the beautiful mystique of this town.

Bansko serves as a gateway to Pirin, the alpine mountain range with many lakes and waterfalls, majestic alpine forests, with trees over 1,000 years old. The Pirin National Park is included in the list of UNESCO preservation projects for having an exceptional natural and historic value.

As the time of mountain resort spread internationally in the past few years, the region of Bansko has attracted an unprecedented number of tourists and investors.

The influx of visitors has prompted the building of many new developments of vacation properties, whose supply still cannot satisfy the high demand.

Bansko offers great ski conditions and easy access to the ski runs. The town is located at 925 m above the sea level, while ski area is at 2000 – 2500 m. A quick new Gondola lift design and developed by IVIS-Project & Design Ltd, takes the skiers directly from the town up the mountain. The tourism growth prompted the creation of many new lift, ski runs, and tracks in the ski area. Because of the high elevations, practicing winter sports on this mountain can be possible as early summer.

When summer comes, Bansko once again becomes a place for mountain lovers – hikers, rock climbers, cave divers, and all sorts of nature enthusiasts come to this area to breathe the crystal air and admire the beautiful sites. In the summer, Bansko is also a busting cultural center, where many international and national festivals take place. Folk singing and dancing, craft making, woodcarving, icon painting, music playing – all can be found here.

Among other Bansko attractions are its numerous cozy cafes, restaurants, and traditional Bulgarian pubs that offer great cuisine and unique atmosphere. The local people in this town often say that those who come here never want to go back and perhaps they’re right.

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