Project Type: real estate

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The terrain is located in a forest in the “Big Boulder” area – Dolno Yabalkovo Village, Sredets Municipality, Burgas Region. It sits on the southwest slopes of Strandzha Mountain. The land has 20,000 sq.m. coniferous and deciduous forest, moderate Mediterranean climate, calm atmosphere, picturesque views, and boasts up to 260 days of sunshine a year. It is also in close proximity to the renowned Bulgarian Southern Seaside.

A Detailed Development Plan (DDP) has been created and accepted, in accordance with the Law of Territorial Development (LTD) and the respective sanitary, ecological, and fire-hazard regulations.

A construction project has been developed after the issuance of a permission by the Sredets Municipality. It complies with the terms regarding the density of construction, intensity, height of the structures, and the landscaping areas. All necessary structures, parking garages, landscaping maintenance facilities, and a fence have been designed.


  1. Forest:

19,000 sq.m. 2.00 EUR = 38,000 EUR

  1. Land for the hunting tourism facility (includes construction permission and a 3D design project):

1,000 sq.m. 15 EUR = 15,000 EUR

TOTAL: 1 + 2 = 53,000 EUR

The implementation of the project can be financed with the European Structural Funds.

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