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Project for 5 family houses in the village of Polski izvor, Bourgas region. The complex is about to be built upon a plot with size of 2 621 sq.m. the plot is slightly inclined, has electricity, water, sewers en is in regulation. The land is suitable for a villa, house or a complex of houses. The neighbouring plot is already constructed. The property has only one owner.

The village of Polski izvor is located 11 km from Bourgas. It is located 11-12 km from the seashore. The complex that we offer is in the southern end of the village near clean river and near a drinking water spring. Facilities for electricity, water and sewers are already built.

Prices for the complex:

  1. Price for project permission and land with size of 2 621 sq.m 16 EUR – 41 936 EUR

  2. Price for idea project with 3D models for 5 houses with vertical planning and project total built area of 2 621 sq.m 4.50 EUR - 11 794 EUR

Total price for i.1 and i.2 – 53 730 EUR

  1. Price for approved work project, construction permission for total built area of 2 621 sq.m 12 EUR - 31 452 EUR

Total price for i.1, i.2 and i.3 – 85 182 EUR

  1. Price for constructed complex with 5 finished houses and luxury furnished kitchens, bathrooms and WCs – 2 201 640 EUR

Total price for i.1, i.2, i.3 and i.4 – 2 286 822 EUR

At the moment stages 1 and 2 are completed.

Payment plans: for offer type 1 and 2 deposit of 10% and deal finishing within 1 month.

The implementation of the project can be financed with the European Structural Funds.

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