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“You choose your view, we build your villa” is a concept that become a hit in the Bulgarian countryside. There are not many places left in industrialized Europe, where one con pick a view and have a luxury home to complement it. However, this is still possible in Bulgaria.

Captivated by the beauty of the Bulgarian coastal landscape, the three business partners Arch. Emil Lekov, Landskape Arch. Violeta Doneva and Designer Ivaylo Emil Lekov have established the idea with a vision to build great villas all of with have magnificent and undisturbed views.

How is it done? Arch. Emil Lekov, Landscape Arch. Violeta Doneva and Designer Ivaylo Emil Lekov, all with experience in design, architecture and real estate and development from the UK and France and USA, personally research and survey plots in the countryside near the beautiful coastal citys of Sofia,Varna etc.. If the land suits their high requirements for a panorama that would not be spoiled by future development, they buy the land and add it to their portfolio of future villas with a view. IVIS-Project & Design Ltd  is constantly on the look out for bespoke pieces of land that match the company’s high criteria. Besides the view, the plot should not be more than half an hour drive from the cosmopolitan city of Sofia or Varna, the international airport, and the nearby seaside resorts.

Why such a concept? Before establishing the company, the owners of IVIS-Project & Design Ltd have tasted their concept on themselves. They wanted to live the GOOD LIFE in the city and in the countryside and be enthralled by its beautiful panorama. They got so inspired by such way of living that they wanted to share the concept. That’s how IVIS-Project & Design Ltd to invest in property was born.

The company partnered with reputable building contractors and started successfully selling luxurious villas off plan. Coming from personal experience, IVIS-Project & Design Ltd not only presents great opportunities for investment in Bulgaria but also offers an empathetic and personal service to every client, recognizing every customer’s preferences and needs.

If you want to invest In Bulgaria, IVIS-Project & Design Ltd has done most of the hard work for you- it owns the land you choose your view from. This means the land you choose your view from. This means the land is ready to build on and all the legal formalities and land paperwork have been taken care of.

All that is left to do is to select the piece of land, the type of villa (2 or 3 bedroom), the position on the plot, the color of the walls and whether a swimming pool or Jacuzzi will be build as well. The layout is ingenious. By elevating the grand open plan lounge, kitchen and dining room to the upstairs, you are given the opportunity to constantly admire the view. Residents are free to stroll out through any of the French doors onto a spacious balcony, large enough for dining or lounging in the sun.

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