Project: "Night Club" - Bansko
Project Type: commercial buildings

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Description: Technical indicators:
 Gross floor area of ​​647.10 square meters
 Built-up area at elevation ± 0.00 616.00 źā.ģ.
 Area of ​​31.10 square meters elevation 3.37

Nightclub is planned for 200 people. The entrance is located on the south facade. From one-shoulder metal staircase reaches elevation ± 0.00, which is developed venue. As a foyer closet for visitors. From there proceed to the ballroom. In the nightclub two bars were developed as a major centerpiece of room for dancers, and the second is secondary.

At the second bar in the west have provided space for a dressing room with bathroom and shower, and storage of soft and alcoholic drinks.

Sanitary facilities for visitors are developed in eastern nightclub separated for men and women individually with a spacious entrance with sinks and mirrors.

The project was developed as part of the ground floor of the newly constructed building of three separate buildings with a common underground parking places.

The interior is modern, fully committed to recent trends. Radiates coziness that predisposes visitors enjoyment.

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