Project: Tavern
Project Type: commercial buildings

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Description: The project provides MODIFICATION TO EXISTING KITCHEN AND TAVERN building with. The existing restaurant is a bit one level below the roof unusable space. As it add part of the south side of the building to the restaurant kitchen. In the annex is accessed from the east side directly in stores next to them in the south-western part of the building is situated domestic staff room. A corridor reaches room for preparing food, and from there into the kitchen. Of the premises for preparation of food falls into the warm kitchen. The existing structure is a bit wooden beamed restaurant with massive stone walls combined with brickwork for internal curtain walls. The roof structure is designed so that the wooden structure to continue the existing building.

Technical parameters:

Built-up area / VP / Existing Tavern: 336.00 m2
Built-up area / VP / Extension of an existing tavern: 56.16 square meters
Built-up area / VP / Renovation of existing kitchen 75.31 m2
Gross floor area / area / after transformation with 392.16 m2 extension
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