Project: Family hote
Project Type: commercial buildings

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Description: Description:
Family hotel, in Boyana, Sofia
Area 969.20 m2

The building consists: basement - 379.30 m2
2 floors 259.00 m2
roof level - 269.20 m

The area has a large slope, which helps more interesting and different solution to floor plans.

The basement is at elevation -3.60. The main entrance is from the east at the same elevation. At this level are: lobby bar, dining room, gym and spa,laundry and technical facilities.

On level 0.00 and 2.90 elevation are a total of 10 double rooms and two warehouses.

Elevation roof level is 5.80. Two apartments.

Parking is decided by external parking.

In the backyard is a playground and pleasant place for recreation.

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