Project: Cookhouse at building, Dragalevtsi district
Project Type: residential buildings

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Description: Explore our projects under construction, located in Dragalevtsi district , Sofia.

Project is with additional construction - summer kitchen. The building is located in Dragalevtsi district, Sofia. The site is six (6) Category - Construction of additional build.

Main dimensions of the building are 12.86 m / 4.38 m. Building height is 3.11 (elevation) maximum height of 0.00. The building is one (1) level and is half dugged. The basic approach to building land directly from the southeast. There will be a second entrance.

Distribution of elevation 0.00.

Capacity of the summer kitchen is 22 seats. In the entrance area with help of four (4) steps is entering at the building at elevation 0.00. There will be bar, equipped with kitchen appliances. The construction is of brick construction with concrete columns and beams.

Enclosing curtain facade elements are performed by a brick wall 25cm. The joinery is projected to be PVC double glazed low-emissivity K glass. The roof is one (1) timber with a sloping gradient of 8.4%, with down insulation and waterproofing. Drainage directly to the ground. According to the requirements for energy facility is insulated. Place the outside of the front walls 10 cm 8-fiber, reinforced concrete pavement above is placed 5 cm fiber, and are required to cover 12 cm between the wood fiber ribs.

Space heating by electric coils. There is a facade with ventilation fans. Water supply and channel e the existing shaft of the plot. Electrical installation wiring to provide places for lighting and electrical contacts, high voltage installation required. It is envisaged that 1 (one) hot water boilers, for the bar.

Technical indicators

Built-up Area / Area /: 53.21 m2
Elevation 0.00: 53.21 ..
Total area / area /: 53.21 m2
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