Project: Park for recreation, sports and entertainment “Kazarmite“ - Sevlievo
Project Type: landscape

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Employer : municipality sevlievo

Phase : concept

Authors panel :

Chief Designer: Arch. Emil Lekov 

Designers: eng. Pencho Dobrev,  L. arch. Violeta Doneva, L. arch. Nikoleta Ilieva,

Construction technician: Danail Dimov


motto of the concept: “ liberated spirit”


The present proposal for Concept is developed on the basis of the prepared and submitted from the Municipality of Sevlievo “Competition programme” and “Task”, observing all requirements of the Bulgarian Territorial Structure Act.  

With the submitted by the panel graphic and text materials are fulfilled al requirements for the contents of the competition concept and the format for its presentation stated in the “Competition programme” and “Task.


The terrain set for the construction of the future park for recreation, sports and entertainment in the town of Sevlievo, on which have been situated the barracks, is located in the North part of the town near the river Rositsa and it is surrounded by living quarters. 

Before it was given as property to the Municipality of Sevlievo with a Decision of the Council of Ministers, this was a closed territory for the town in the framework of the fence of the barracks, living its own life managed by the military habits and regulations.

The striving of the government for coming closer to the European standards and the forthcoming membership in the European Union is a good reason to apply the European practices for turning the former production or military terrains into town parks for recreation, culture and entertainment. 

In the base of our philosophy for concept stands our belief that the future structure of the territory of the former barracks in the town of Sevlievo has to symbolize and suggest the liberation of the spirit of its citizens in the new XXI century as a result of the economic prosperity of the town and the quest for a closer connection with nature and its preservation and at the same time discreetly saves the memory for the past life of the terrain. That is why we chose the following motto for the philosophy of the structure concept:
“Liberated Spirit”


The concept offers urban incorporation of the terrain, subject to the project by its future formation as a second town center – park, diametrically located to the administrative center with the development of the following functions – culture, entertainment, sports, trade and services amongst richly green environment with open spaces with decorative effects. It is proposed the planned encircling communication connection from North which would take part of an attractive part of the territory of the park as natural terrace of river Rositsa. To this end it is necessary to open a procedure for partial change of the General Structure Plan.

The easy access with personal transport to the territory with combined entrances for pedestrians and motor vehicles from the Western and Eastern sides will provide the necessary according to the task parking lots in the regulation boarders of the park for 30 vehicles and with possibilities for their future enlargement.  The central entrance will be from St. Peshev Street, providing mass pedestrian access to the main residential quarter of the town. Envisaged is also an official transport in the Northeastern part of the territory for the park’s maintenance base with nursery garden and greenhouse.

The pedestrian access to the new town center in the park environment from the rest of the town’s territories will be provided by secondary entrances from West and East, and from the North with a promenade beside the river will be provided an encircling connection parallel to Krairechna Street with the administrative center of the town.

We propose two versions for access regime for use of the park territory:

 - The first /cheaper/ version for controlled access envisages building only a fence of dense and tracery part from all sides of the central park zone – East with doors at the central and secondary entrances and discreet decorative arch-doors on the alleys of the rest of the park’s territory. The rest of the park territory will be fenced with green fence and the access will be controlled with a barrier only at the Western transport entrance.

 - The second more expensive version envisages, as was suggested in the Task a fence of dense and tracery part of the whole territory of the park on the East, West and partially on the North sides.

We propose most of the existing buildings and all sheds to be demolished and part of the construction waste to be used for the formation of geoplastics for raising the lay of the terrain. On the retained buildings gardens on the roofs will be formed and the facades will be grassed – “Gardens on two floors”.

In the eastern part of the park territory we propose an encircling alley in the form of a broken by the open stage circle. The alleys inside this circle and the formed by them areas will have a geometrical character, corresponding to the idea in the philosophy of the concept.

The net of alleys after coming out of this “ring” from both sides of the stage obtains free landscape character and connects every site and facility in West and North direction.
The concept offers an attraction train on a road track escaping conflicts with the pedestrians. 

According its purpose the park comes near to the formulation /Ordinance ¹ 7/ - territory for sport and entertainment.

For the town of Sevlievo the norm for such a territory is 6 to 8 square kilometers per citizen.

 1. With area of the park according to the Task of about 14 ha it will satisfy the needs of 17500 to 23000 citizens;

 2. With area of the park according to our proposal of about 18 ha it will satisfy the needs of 22000 to 30000 citizens.

With these town-planning parameters the park “Kazarmite” will turn into a park for sport and entertainment not only for the citizens of the town of Sevlievo and its municipality, but also to the citizens of the whole region.


Our planning concept offers on the territory of the future park to be formed two functional zones:

1. Centarl park zone – East

Taking into consideration the closeness to the residential quarters of the town for this zone is envisaged functions with characteristics of a MALL, which will attract a great number of visitors – cultural sites /military museum, bookshops, exhibition halls, open stage, etc./, attractions for  children and for adults in halls and in the open, gardens on two levels, trade centers, catering establishments – restaurants, fast food restaurants, coffee shops,  internet rooms, toilets, etc.

This area be will impressively formed with alleys and square places with decorative pavement, colour effects and grounds, water effects, park architectural elements, decorative lighting and decorative plastic arts, etc.

The building for the maintenance of the park and the other urban territories with the consideration of not bothering the visitors is situated in the periphery of the zone outside the ring-encircling alley.
2. Park zone – West

This zone will be formed in a landscape and landshaft . Here will be located all facilities for sports, games and attractions for the different age groups. The presence of buildings in comparison to the first zone is insignificant and taking into consideration the free choice of occupation in this zone it is envisaged free location and play on the open grass areas.
3. Park zone – North 

The concept offers inclusion of the terrain between the former barracks and the river Rositsa in the park territory where a quiet zone for strolls, sunbathing, picnics and barbecue can be developed.
Taking into consideration the danger of overflowing of the river we propose the alleys and the playgrounds to be built on  pile aboveground constructions with height of the highest level of the river waters and the access to the terrain to be performed by staircases situated on different places.
Through this zone will be built the encircling pedestrian connection between the administrative town center and the future park. This zone will be with free access with no fencing.

The structure of the park in the different functional zones will have a different character with the consideration of their composition, type of occupation in them, their purpose and the idea in the philosophy of the concept.

The parameters of the structure of the park for the two main zones are given in the main drawing of the structure concept. Compositionally the Concept envisages the following formation of the park structure into separate zones:
 1. Fencing the periphery of the park with frame strip of hedge – row, bushes and trees. Isolation of the terrain of the town’s waste water collection and treatment plant with a massive isolating belt of bushes and trees.

 2. In the Central park zone – East is envisaged the presence of ligneous green vegetation mainly arranged in an alley and group forms. The presence of decorative effects from areas planted with flowers, water, decorative pavement, park furniture, sculptures and park lighting. 

 3. In park zone – West is proposed the landshaft composition to be emphasized with the picturesque character of the net of alleys and their pavement, use of green vegetation mainly as ligneous and frutescent massifs.

 4. In park zone – North with the main presence of the open natural space of the river terrace and the river is proposed to be arranged only logically justifiable in groups and separate specimens of water loving ligneous vegetation.


The construction works can be carried out simultaneously in the three zones according the provided funding. But the following time schedule should be followed:

1. Park zone – East where considering the functions of the zone can be expected greatest interest from the citizens for visiting and the greatest possibility for financial income for the municipality which to be reinvested in the construction of the park territories;

2. Second in priority is park zone – West which will provide possibilities for sport and entertainment in the open;

3. Last can carried out park zone – North.


The concept aims the park “Kazarmite” and specially its central part to be turned into a new form of MALL, patent of Sevlievo, where all attractions – cultural and commercial, can realized in the form of one-storey pavilions together with the structure of the park and can be carried out with the following mechanisms:
1. In the form of concession for one investor, under the guidance of which the management of the municipality can undertake the construction according a project of the whole park territory and renting the separate sites.

2. Conceding the separate projects for implementation to investors as a long-term rent with the adjoining park territory under the control of the municipality for the total realization of the structure project. Reinvestment of the received income by the municipality in the whole structure of the park territory.

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