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Description: The business center is situated on 9 000 sq. m with built-up area of 2 500 sq. m and with total built area of 14 000 square meters. It is located 3 km from Varna downtown, within the city and in a region with existing and constantly developing infrastructure.

“Bee Garden” is a luxurious and highly technological business center with an incredible panorama view to the sea and city which development answers to the increasing business requirements and to the European standards.

The plot is in close proximity to Varna downtown, bordering from three sides to streets, as the main access is through Prilep Boulevard.

The business center is designed in two underground, ground and three over-ground floors with built-up area of 2 500 sq. m and total built area of 14 000 sq. m.

Storage rooms, two elevators and two stairwells are located at – 7.50 m level in the second underground floor. The access of automobiles to this section is secured vie ramp.

There are storage areas in the first underground floor at – 3.75 m level. The access of automobiles to this floor is secured vie ramp.

The main entrance is at the ground floor. Close to it, two panorama elevators with view to the sea are situated. Beside them, there two more internal panorama elevators. The ground floor is designed for commercial areas – show-rooms or outlets, as well as coffee-bar with detached exit, corridor, technical rooms, foyer, stairwell with two passenger elevators, electricity panel premises, lavatories for men, women and disabled.

There are foreseen 10 independent offices each with medium square surface of 140 m2 in the second floor. At this level in the building center over around 600 sq. m, there are planned to be located conference halls, computer labs, as the same will be provided with high-speed Internet, multimedia facilities and sound system. Thus, the business-building will turn out as the perfect place for holding business meetings, seminars, presentations, trainings, conferences, business forums.

10 independent offices with medium square surface of 140 m2 each are designed for the third floor. At this level in the building center, a restaurant is located – English yard with illumination on the roof. The basic purpose of this establishment is securing of catering services and of the eating services for the working personnel in the building, as well for visitors, as there will be a possibility for complete administrative and catering servicing for organizing business meetings.

The forth /terrace-like/ floor is developed in 9 separate offices. Beside the pair of elevators, the vertical communication is also developed with two-shouldered ferro-concrete stairs, going up to the open rooftop gardens.

Enough parking places - around 170 - are designed both for working personnel and for the visitors. Many greenery areas are planned, as well as relaxation zones on the rooftop garden and sky-bar with amazing panorama.

Business center “Bee Garden” will be finished with up-to-date technologies and materials, as 80 percent of the façade will be suspended glass spider system and 20 % suspended ceramics.

High quality of flooring materials like granitogres and terracotta, suspended ceilings and illuminants will be provided with respect to the interior. Installation and communication systems of highest standards will be secured for the offices. The building will be centrally air-conditioned and long-distance heated.
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