Title: World champion in our skis and took silver
Date: 04-03-2012

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Description: A day after winning the gold medal in the slalom World Cup informal Ski Cup "Topolino" (15 years), Albert Popov took the silver medal in giant slalom. Only .14 seconds not enough of a Bulgarian to win the gold medal in yesterday's start of the track in Folgaria (IT). First of 1:39,13 min is representative of the host Paolo downs. With prizes on "Topolino" Albert Popov became the most successful in our Alpiec 51-year history of this race. In 1985 Stefan Shalamanov won her first gold of "Topolino". Two years later Momchil Manchev is third in slalom. Behind the great success of Popov stand and work on his personal trainer Ivailo Borisov.

"He made a mature ride in the second round as a remarkable increase their lead despite heavy track and the 30 before him. In places the track was plowed straight, but Albert did and I am happy," said the coach for "Gong."

Our new world champion and runner-up training in Austria with his sister Alexandra, but teaches an individual plan in Bulgaria. "Afternoon study after training for several hours, receive tasks from Bulgaria on the Internet. Can say that online learning. I want to one day win the World Cup for men. Ago liked Miller but now I prefer the style of Ivica Kostelic" commented talent.

Source: Standart News
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