Title: Vitosha is a place for all
Date: 13-01-2012

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Description: Vitosha has room for all

Project for modernization of tourist and ski area "Aleko" of Vitosha Ski AD

Otnovo present project for modernization of tourist and ski area "Aleko" for two reasons. The first is caused by increased interest recently in the Vitosha mountain. Another is to resist attempts to manipulate public opinion by a group of people bound together, posing as environmentalists, political party created a "Green" and supported by media circle "Capital".For years they deliberately trying to mislead the citizens of Sofia that the replacement of 9 lifts with old and new routing on 6 tracks will lead almost to the "ecological catastrophe" of Vitosha.
Objective truth is another.
This is a project which will modernize the existing under the current management plan Vitosha ski area "Aleko" to turn it into tidy, pleasant and accessible place for sport, recreation and tourism, creating convenience and comfort.
So on Vitosha will be room for everyone. Zone "Aleko" will satisfy fans of skiing and those who enjoy extreme sensations.
Supporters of hiking long can more fully interact with nature and eco tourism in other parts of the park.
It has been prepared in strict compliance with the Bulgarian and European environmental legislation. All new zoning of the ski center is made with Paul Matthews, the man who created the ski area for the Olympic Games in Vancouver "Blackcomb", part of the national park "Jaspar".
Planned lifts, which are morally and physically obsolete, to be replaced with modern, fast and modern facilities, which will avoid eternal queues and waiting, and will facilitate access to the mountain.
Dragalevski Simeonovo lift will be replaced by a modern 8-LOCAL booths.
There are old chair lifts will be replaced with new ones with higher capacity.
lifts in "Walls" will be replaced WITH chair lifts.
All this will be done while maintaining the existing number of lifts now 9.
Routes for replacement cars will be updated, but most will close the current. The aim is to create better logistic connections within the ski area for any connection between the facilities and ski runs.
future ski trails will run through deforested plot, badly hit by woodworms RECENT.
THE "WALL" TO BE BEHIND ALEKO defined 6 runway with a length 19.5 KM, secure homologated and categorization, built with artificial snow machines.

OLD LIFTS will be replaced with the following new:
Lift "Simeonovo - Tulip", 8-seat cabin with a capacity of 3,000 people per hour
Lift "Dragalevtsi - The Wall" - 8-seat cabin with a capacity of 3,000 people per hour
Lift "Space - Platz" The Wall "- 4-seat 2000 people per hour
Lift "Tulip - Training ground" - 4-seat helmet with 2,000 people per hour
Lift "Tulip 1" - 6-seat capacity of 3,000 people per hour
Lift "Tulip 2" - 6-seat capacity of 3,000 people per hour
Lift "Bobby - training ground" Aleko "- Green Track" - a 4-seat 1200 people per hour
Lift "Aleko - Small Slice" - a 6-seat 3000 people per hour
Lift "Tulip 4" - 4-seat 2000 people per hour

Project Area "Aleko" occupies 0.68% of 27 360 hectares, which is a natural park "Vitosha".
envisaged to undertake compensatory afforestation and reclamation of the entire ski area.
The routes of the tracks pass through deforested land in recent years suffered from natural disasters and diseases in forests or using existing snow fields of the Wall.
The replacement of the pillars of the lifts and lifts will be using helicopters to protect nature. Rocks and stones in the wall where the new ski runs go, it will be crushed by compressed air.
The management plan for Vitosha is ordained area of 217.93 hectares of the existing ski area "Aleko", a project of "Vitosha Ski" will take only 152.5 ha.
planned to be removed other than more than 1200 trees (2000 m3), which is 3 times less than 7-thousand Kubik ANNUAL sanitary harvesting within the Park "Vitosha".
tanks snow is 70 000 m3 and can be compared in size to the Lake "Ariana".
For the production of artificial snow will not use any chemicals and harmful substances, but will use a new generation of non-fat ekoturbinni compressors TechnoAlpin., Running -1 degree.

The project provides construction of new beds.

Sports and tourist areas
For lovers of winter sports

Will be divided four tourist areas:
high peak around the Black
average "Wall"
Low start-up station "Romance" and the beginning of the track "Tulip 1".Of beginners will be given special area.
will be restored to the ski track, east of the road for the lower lift station for the track "Vitosha Tulip"
for night skiing enthusiasts will be increased lit tracks - "Tulip 1", "Tulip 2" and "Tulip 4".

For summer visitors and lovers of other sports:
To create a new zone with summer bicycle paths, jogging trails and hiking priority of the project is to preserve and maintain all existing paths for hiking in all seasons

For children
there will be a summer area attractions
winter young skiers who train will have a special area to avoid previous incidents between skiers of different skill

For families
comfortable lifts
new summer area attractions for children
maintained footpaths will facilitate capital who like family outings.

For nature lovers
hiking trails
special places for observation with optical instruments

citizens of Sofia ARE FOR THE INNOVATION OF area "Aleko"
Attitudes of the citizens of Sofia for the modernization of outdated zone "Aleko" polls of "Sova Harris" and "Gallup International" in 2008, 2009 and 2010 show that more than 80 percent by Sofia Vitosha will visit much more frequently and WILL exercise if the conditions of "Aleko" IMPROVE.
"Vitosha Ski" With CAMPAIGN "I love VITOSHA" PRESENTED TO BULGARIAN SOCIETY OF RENOVATION PROJECT AREA "Aleko". For the first time in Bulgaria investment project for modernization of the society was presented with a full-scale and openness of the facts and intentions.Complete documentation of the project was given to any interested citizen, visited the information center, which was located on "Patriarch Evtimii" 1 (Building "Odeon').

Web page "I love Vitosha" - appears, and now continues to present the project in a modern, interactive way so that people have an idea to intervene in nature and express their attitude towards them. Were recorded:
200,711 unique visitors
557,569 pages viewed
1556 visitors information center
79 percent of the visitors expressed a positive opinion and fully expect the project. People associated with the development of Vitosha positive economic impact and revitalization of tourism opportunity for grassroots sport and active natural way of life, and education of children and youth in the values of sport and conservation.

Source: 7 Days Sport
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