Title: Benefit of the "Vitosha Ski".What about the skiers?
Date: 11-01-2012

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Description: Benefit of the "Vitosha Ski".What about the skiers?

If the hard heart is softened prime minister, lifts will go

Minister of Agriculture and Food Miroslav Naydenov public discussion in parliament of amendments to the Law on Forests, requested by "Vitosha ski": To make pleasing (the opponents of change - bel.r.) must withdraw all texts to afforestated all ski equipment and trainers to build schools. These changes have to happen ".

Change significantly relieve the system of building lifts and ski slopes in the mountains.

Well simulators were made ​​in schools. For children of Sofia were deprived of the opportunity to learn to ski free this winter. True, the winter is not over, but over winter vacation, which was a wonderful opportunity to do so.

Now the Vitosha ski quarrel as 60 years ago. There we go back "Vitosha Ski" with a stubborn to stop the lift until they take the required legislative changes. At the time, skiers are walking up, have descended in. .. Come again.

Therefore Sofians now climb to "Aleko", shoe skis or board and descend on the track "Vitosha Tulip." There, the final track, which is an intermediate lift station "Simeonovo", organized by them waiting for their bus driver, who gets them and ride them back up to "Aleko" - about 3-4 km, in order to descend again. This is the replacement of the lift in the last part.

If the Minister Naydenov, his colleague Nona Karadzhova, and why not Borisov, had embarked on Vitosha this Sunday when the weather was perfect - great snow, in places over 1.50 m and no wind would see thirty boys and girls bordadzhii , struggling and sinking back on almost every step. Incredibly happy and enthusiastic ...

And maybe the rigid prime heart would soften, to call the owners - and holders of its lifts mayoral times, and ordered them to put them. Who would refuse Borisov? It would not.

That is how long? Half season gone. And since for the first time as a great winter snow. And since this year was broken and the monopoly of "Vitosha Ski", which two years in a row won the "Learn to ski" on the sports ministry, in which children are taught free of winter sports. Managed to break from Bansko and Pamporovo.

Now it turns out that changes in law made ​​by this particular concern - where to have our children skiing. Very hypocritical.

Lifts may not, may climb Vitosha foot, skis shoulder, but Mayor prepares our surprise that there are at least open a new bus route that will duplicate the Simeonovo lift - the lower the lift to Aleko. Buses will be only on weekends, every hour and the fare is 4 Euro one way and two-way 6 leva - as for the lift. Yordanka Fandakova never explained why municipal bus worth of lift chastnika who did not actually go.

Quick, quick, quick

Changes in the Forests Act includes the first reading in parliament on 18 January. This became clear in the discussion. All agree with them: MPs power provided by various institutions - the Ministry of Environment and Water (MEW), the Forestry Agency, Agriculture Ministry and the Municipality in the face of Fandakova.

Only some ecologists and environmentalists disagree. But those who asked them? Today, Green made ​​a protest before Parliament at 11.30 am in the protection of the natural park "Vitosha" and the Bulgarian forest. (There's an online petition.) Power has intervened to defend tourism. If the protection of these two interests do not coincide, nor will the forest remain forest or tourism would be wrong.

However, mountains are not to see them from a distance, said Naydenov and submit report to the effect that in Austria, with 3,000 km of tracks in Italy - 2000 in Czech - 800 Romania - 200, and at home - only 94 km .

Minister of Agriculture has an interesting interpretation of lobbying. Not what makes government is currently lobbying, he said. And in the Forest Act, passed last spring, they, managing, succumbed to lobbying "on behalf of environmental organizations".

"Succumbed in the last call of their lobbying and retired sole texts that are currently subject to debate. If there was lobbying, it is not by" Vitosha Ski "and by environmental organizations," said Miroslav Naydenov. And called for "reasonable dialogue" and "social consensus".

Changes in the Forest Act does not waive the required procedures for environmental assessment of projects. This is to appease the spirits, announced the Minister of Environment and Water Nona Karadzhova. Whatever form they are used land is a prerequisite for expansion and new construction subject to compliance with the known laws of nature protection and assessments of environmental impact assessment (EIA), she said.

All else is the development of sport and tourism. "Fixing old 9 lifts and construction of 6 new tracks, as well as for practicing winter and summer sports are indicative of our desire. Let comply with environmental conditions, but also to comply with the desire to organize a variety of ski racing ". Thus appearances Minister of Physical Education and Sports Svilen Neykov.

I count that in no way compromising the nature and ecology, but the mountain should be available for summer and winter sports, and said Fandakova

And to empower our children and young people to pursue skiing, announced Naydenov.

Well give. After being one hundred percent clear that the changes will be adopted, what harm can run lifts?

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