Title: NIGHT of the JUMPS in Sofia
Date: 21-12-2011

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Description: European and world championship freestyle motocross debuted with the replica watches for sale
NIGHT of the JUMPS at the beginning of the year. Closing the show with a somersault and coronation ceremony of the new world champion was held for the first time in Bulgaria on 17 December in Sofia, the new hall "Arena Armeec." Race in the NIGHT of the JUMPS in 2011 sporting a triple pleasure. In addition to the world championship in freestyle motocross, and various international competitions this year is part of the chain and the European Championship.

NIGHT of the JUMPS are the oldest and largest international freestyle motocross series for the world. They represent a unique blend that combines international sport at the highest level (World and European Championship motocross freestyle) with classic elements such as light shows and pyrotechnics. For the first time in the history of the biggest and most extreme freestyle motocross series in the world, NIGHT of the JUMPS officially crowned two champions - the world and that of Europe. Fight two major titles requires the presentation of more freestyle tricks and new characters, reinforcing its reputation and audience straightening the leg.
In the race attended by the best eight drivers in the replica omega uk world and because of its extreme form had to be called and four reserves.

The evening began with a presentation of the organizers of the race, including Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, Minister of Physical Education and Sports Svilen Neykov, president of the Motorcycle Federation Bogdan Nikolov, president of the Grand Prix of Bulgaria Rumen Petkov and others.

During the race was held in Bulgaria and awards for best host of the championships rounds of disciplines in motocross and supermoto. The surprise for the audience, however, is quite different. In a separate part of this circle pilots tried to set a world record high jump, as they had intended to fly 14 meters above ground. This happened to one of four frames for jumping, which were supplied from abroad.

Two-time world champion, Frenchman Remi Bizuar with "Honda", triumphed in the final round of freestyle motocross, held in Sofia hall "Arena Armeec." Second place in the show "Night Of The Jumps" left for Chile Javier Viyegas with "Yamaha", but this proved enough to win his first world title.
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