Title: Commercial Complex BANSKO
Date: 11-11-2011

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Description: We present one of our projects under construction. This will allow you to track workflow and discovering the professionalism of our work.

Disclose your stages of construction of large shopping complex located in Bansko. Spread over an area of 4322 m2, contains in itself attractive restaurants and shops.

This is just the beginning, because in the future ideas of "Commercial Complex" Bansko "are more extensive, providing restaurants, shops, playgrounds and hotels.

Because of its scale, the project is divided into several sub sites:
7 pcs. commercial kiosks;
Tavern on two floors with a stylish interior design;
Supermarket and institution type Queen's Pub;
Sufficient parking spaces;
As solution for your children - playgrounds, climbing frames and green areas.

lovely complex will be opened on 06.12.2011, the

This is a project, proving that we can handle, revealing the quality of our work and professionalism of the team are working!
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