Title: Dobrinishte is European resort "Four Seasons"
Date: 27-10-2011

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Description: Many explanations for the specific development plan of the ski area and tourist area and a chief architect of the municipality Arch. Lekov Emil, who was also at the meeting.

He confirmed that the municipality of Bansko and the company developed tourist and ski area in Dobrinishte "Ivis - Design and Design" to fulfill their obligations to the project and approved investor "Orbel Development" AD shareholders' Galchev Engineering Group "JSC and" AGP Development "JSC - NO such intention.

project was prepared and submitted on 16.12.2009 and since then until amount allocated to ski area has not yet been paid. For two years, "Orbel Development" are only promises.

Dobrinishte Ski Area was threatened with a frivolous and irresponsible investor in the face of a joint stock company "Orbel Development".
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