Title: New lifts 100m. Lev Vitosha
Date: 28-01-2015


The modernization of the ski area near the hut "Aleko" Vitosha will cost over 100 million. lev. This announced by the management of the company owner of the lifts "Vitosha Ski". They are willing to invest the necessary funds for the replacement of   the facilities, which were built between the 60s and 80s   of the last century. A week ago, the head of the ski federation Minev alerted that the technique already in the mountains is dangerous and is likely to suspend two seasons work.u-boat replica watches

The renovation will take between 3 and 5 years. The project of "Vitosha Ski" is enshrined change existing 9   lifts and a better relationship between them. This, however, must first be prepared new management plan for the park, because the validity of the old expire at the end of 2014. Then the project must go through the approval of the state authorities before they can start work.

In modernization is provided replacing the oldest funicular "Bai Krystju" (made in 1956-1968 years) with a new cabin with 8 seats. This booth of square. Simeonovo, which leads to the hut "Aleko" will also be replaced. Furthermore, in the high mountains will make three 6-seat phthalate, and four with 4 seats. All will transported between 2,000 and 3,000 tourists per hour, which is more than double the capacity of the lift of Simeon and six times more than the possibilities of "Bai Krystju". Currently, every Saturday and Sunday there are long lines for equipment that causes people to be picked up by car

The project of "Vitosha Ski" is made by Canadian Paul Matthews, a specialist in forest ecology and landscape architecture. He is the creator of the ski area for the Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010. The need for change in mountain ads and association of ski schools who work there. President Asparuh Machirski said that every day in the mountains picked up at least 700 children and enjoy the facilities that are already dangerous. He recalled that lift   "Romanesque" was suspended from work 3 years ago, because it breaks several times and threatened the lives of the lovers of winter sports. It led not only skiers, but also tourists close to the Black Peak.

There will be two areas just for kids

The project to upgrade the facilities of the mountain is enshrined forming two zones for children. One of them will end hut "Salzitsa" and the other end Naked peak.

Currently skiers train in places that are not designed for this or is on a dangerous route. For example, to go all the way to the area of Mecha Polyana, crossing three runs, which fly at a frantic pace lovers of winter sports.

The modernization includes the construction of a wooden overpass, which will pass over the "Tulip" and allow the safe movement of kids.

will not be built   hotels   and beds in the mountains

Investor "Vitosha Ski" announced that the mountain new beds will be built. "The fear of the people that Vitosha will be concreted as Sunny Beach are unfounded - said Radoslav Peev, head of the ski slopes. & Nbsp; - Concrete will be only the place where are the pillars of the lifts." According to the project all equipment will run traces of these. The only new stretch of 2.6 km will be located above Naked peak. Replacement of the pillars of the facilities will be carried out by helicopters and heavy construction equipment will   to enter in nature. Modernization planned to be cut 1200 trees, which the "Vitosha Ski" is three times less than the annual sanitary logging.

Knyazhevska booth will also leave

cable car connected neighborhood Knyajevo with the high Vitosha, also part of the project offered by the "Vitosha Ski". It will be 8 seats and a capacity of 3000 people per hour. The hoof will connect with the Golden Bridges and area Ophelia. Currently there is a track on which the train mainly beginners because it is a relatively small slope. Access is only with automobiles.

The Knyazhevo first gondola lift, which was built in the country in 1962. He worked until 1992, but was stopped due to a fault. Then plundered and almost completely destroyed.

It is expected not only in this part of the mountain, but all the other tracks to be placed snow guns.

Tsveta Markova, the newspaper "Press"

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