Title: Presentation of the urban concept Rep. Macedonia
Date: 08-11-2013

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Description: On 06.11.2013g . , " IVIS Design and Design" Ltd., with UNITE Consulting and Macedonian company " Filbis " DOOEL , successfully delivered The urban concept for the development of sport and recreation tourist center " Kalin Kamen ." The project was commissioned by the Centre for Development of North -West Macedonia. Project documentation was handed personally to the mayor of the town Curve Palanka - Mr . Arsencho Aleksovski of Arch. Emil Lekov and Mr. Mirko Stojanovski . It was a press conference , detailing the project was presented to the public of the town Curve Palanka . The main objective of the study is to develop a modern tourist center for year-round tourism, emphasis will be winter tourism . The strategy identified three areas for winter tourism : zone " Kalin Kamen " zone " Tsarev Peak " and zone " vr.Sokol and vr.Ruen ." Around the monastery St. Joachim Osogovski provided area for cultural tourism. This study covered 193 square kilometers or 40.14% of the municipality Curve Palanka . Besides the identified areas for development of winter tourism research and determine the technical parameters needed for a successful ski resort, relief opportunities to build ski slopes with adequate infrastructure (different lifts and ski lifts ) , the need for a system for creating artificial snow needed equipment for road maintenance , safety and quality standards , governance structures , accommodation capacity and the impact on the environment. From an economic point of view, the market analysis , determining the possible number of tourists and identify opportunities for their involvement . The deadline for implementation of the overall project is about 15 years , and this period will be divided into stages . Exploration and production of urban design is one of the basic steps to start the planning and implementation of this major project.
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