Title: Final: Ski trails will be built after the auction, no change in land use
Date: 13-06-2012

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Description: Parliament finally authorized the construction of ski runs, lifts and tows without a change in land use. In support of the amendment to the Forestry Law voted 75 MPs of GERD and three independent. Two of the government and all MPs present in the hall were opposed. The text passed by total 109 votes. After many protests and ruling by the European Commission ruling GERB decided mellowed original version. So now the law provides the right to build to build trails, ski and other sports facilities to be established after the auction to be held respectively by the state or municipality, depending on the ownership forest areas. Despite the pace of government opposition once again announced the amendments to all lobbying in favour of several companies. According to members outside the majority of the state will lose millions that will be charged for change of use calculations as Pavel Shopov from "Attack" will be 60-70 million lev, and Unal Tasim DPS - at least 250 million lev opposition objected also against the building is through public-private partnership, according to them, so it can be circumvented and few restrictions on the Forestry Act. Unal Tasim went on to ask what an investor would appear at auction for drag and lift off as the concessionaire who has rights to the track. Now we bill for specific individuals know their names, even now PIN-etata them know. Except we have not recorded their names in the law, said Unal Tasim. He and others spoke of the opposition said the law for pure lobbyists to the detriment of the state. The main argument of the ruling was that the amendments will enable the development of skiing and more easily attract investors who otherwise fled because of high fees for changing land uses. According to them the money would come from taxes paid later in the development of skiing and tourism. We again see children skiing on Vitosha people to use the facilities. Currently, the mountain is wilderness and it was stolen by the previous management company said president of the group of GERD Krasimir Velchev. President of the Agricultural Committee Desislava Taneva even replied that criticism that the law is for certain companies and people are rebutted by blown final text for the Auction to which would be accessible to all investors. Martin Dimitrov from "Blue Coalition", however, believes that although this possibility remains that the Minister of Agriculture, which will mainly conduct auctions to decide who gets what. The draft amendments to the Forests Act caused many debates and protests, because the changes were proposed at the request of a company - owner of the ski facilities of Sofia, "Vitosha Ski". Amendments "Vitosha Ski", so called from conservation groups predicted ski slopes, lifts, lifts and outdoor sports, cultural or religious sites to be built in the woods without the removal of land from forest against right of construction. The European Commission also criticized the forthcoming changes of GERD, forcing the majority to put in the latest version requirement ski slopes and lifts to build auctions.
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