Title: Lead architect works on Vitosha
Date: 20-09-2011

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Description: In the mountains there is room for everyone, says Emil Lekov. Few people in the world who are hired to make the project runs and lifts at a ski center. To our pride, one of them is Bulgarian and architect says. Emil Lekov. 59-year-old spec is designed to lift the leading ski resort in Eastern Europe - Bansko, as well as many buildings and objects of public importance in the country. According Lekov plan provides for phased replacement of all existing facilities and creating a new training center with facilities for beginners. "This organization will be minimized during the winter days in which the zone will not work because of fog or wind," said the architect. Lake snow except for the excellent tracks and will serve in any forest fires."The plan, which acts at the time determined for the 217 ha area for hiking and skiing the" Aleko. "Area for tracks, all facilities and events that provides the proposed plan is 153 hectares. This represents 68% of the legally defined area and is also 32% less than existing area. As you can see all the speculation about sevenfold increase in the area of sport is not true. As speculated, would clarify that the planned 153 hectares of ski area are 0.6%the total area of Vitosha Nature Park - 27,360 hectares. This means that the rest can be done any other sports activities and tourism." In the mountains there is room for everyone, says architect with confidence.
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