Title: General Accountant
Date: 22-11-2012

Description: _________________________________
Organize, manage and monitor financial activities, accounting and internal financial control of the company
Perform ongoing operational accounting activities
Preparing financial statements, VAT returns, GTD
Prepare current reports under the reporting requirements of companies that serve
Keeping documentation related to payroll;
Work with office equipment;
Current treatment of primary accounting documents and their introduction into the accounting software;
Monitoring of receivables and payables to suppliers;
Preparation of interim and annual financial statements;
Ability to self-service accounting firm;
Perform other tasks assigned by the management of the company.
Keeping of accounts, preparation of accounts and balance sheets, forms and reports.
Current accounting of incoming accounting records
Monitoring of bank payments
Preparation of accounting records
Work with institutions - NRA, NSSI, IT, banking and others;
Preparation of various types of reports, including statistical reports;
Performs operational accounting and financial closure
Prepares financial analyzes, forecasts and reports to management and partners
Responsible for the accuracy and proper preparation of financial and accounting documents and information to be reported to the management and officials
Maintain relationships with auditors, tax admistratsiya and other external monitoring and regulatory bodies
Preparation of monthly payroll
Supports the structuring of cash flows
Preparation and posting declarations and pay them
Responsible for electronic banking and operates bank documents
Skills necessary for the position:
Very good knowledge of tax law and accounting - NSS and other regulations
University degree in economics;
Work with the electronic signature
Excellent knowledge of regulations in the financial business, internal auditing, tax and social security legislation and all the attendant duties and responsibilities;
Ability to resolve cases of accounting, financial management and justification of decisions;
Good level of computer literacy, including the ability to work with accounting software, electronic banking, and other software.
Ability to work in a team;
Privacy, analytical, precision, high level of organization and prioritizing tasks;
Ability to work under pressure;
Honesty, loyalty, initiative;
Personal planning jobs in the long term;
Good knowledge of English, written and spoken!
Ability to work with Microsoft Office;
Please people who qualify do not send CV-s!
Mandatory photo!
1. Work in a young team;
2. Good salary;
3. Good working environment among the young and dynamic team;
4. Honesty and loyalty.
Please send your CV together with a picture.
Applications by telephone will not be accepted!
You will be contacted only shortlisted candidates!
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